Our Platform

Firstnod helps you connect with your customers, in a compliant way, using social media, email and text campaigns; turning them into loyal customers and brand advocates.  

Welcome to Firstnod.  We are a veteran team of technology startup experts that saw the problem companies have trying to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, antiquated single-focused technology has made if difficult, costly and time consuming for small businesses to effectively engage their customers using social media, email and text messaging.  Regulated businesses, such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, have had even a more difficult time trying to navigate complex regulatory and social media channel marketing rules and regulations.  

To address these challenges we meticulously honed a full featured compliance driven digital marketing platform that incorporates rule-based wizard technology, compliance rules with seamless connectivity to social media, email and text channels.  That meant reimagining every element of the digital marketing process to make it not only full-featured and easy to use but also cost effective and easy to maintain.   

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